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Hensarling on President Obama’s Visit to Texas

WASHINGTON – Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) – a leading conservative and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee – released the following statement today regarding President Obama’s trip to Dallas, TX to attempt to promote Obamacare. 

“President Obama has come to Dallas yet again to pick up campaign cash and cheerlead his failed health care law. My constituents and all Americans would be better served by some truthful answers.
“I’m sure Joe in Mesquite would like to ask the president why the health care plan he liked has been canceled, even when the president repeatedly promised that would not happen. I’m sure Jackie Dean in Garland would like to know why his premium has increased 33% and Lisa in Terrell would like to know why her family’s plan went up more than $4,000 a year. I know I’d like answers to all of these questions and more.
“Rarely does a day go by that I do not hear from one of the millions who are being forced  by the president to buy health insurance they don’t want, at a price they cannot afford, on a website that does not work. My own question is, after granting 1,200 waivers from Obamacare to favored companies and labor unions, can he not find it within his heart to give struggling American families the same? The president, who has now lost all credibility by breaking his promise to the American people, might gain just a little of it back if he would answer these questions.”