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Weekly Washington Update

Freedom is not free – it comes at incredible cost. Throughout our nation’s history, whenever our country is attacked or when enemies of freedom threaten peace in our world, American men and women in uniform answer the call to defend us. They go into harm’s way so that we can enjoy the blessings of freedom, peace and prosperity.

Veterans Day is an opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to those patriots who’ve volunteered to protect our country and defend liberty. Today, and every day, let us never forget that.

We must also remember our military families, who are left to carry on while their spouse, parent, or child is away serving on the front lines. Though they may not wear the uniform, they too serve and sacrifice much for the cause of freedom.

One of the greatest honors I have as a Congressman is helping our veterans. Few opportunities are more meaningful to me than those, whether it is obtaining long overdue medals for a hero of WWII, securing VA benefits for a struggling veteran of Korea or Vietnam, or paying tribute to the life of a soldier that was cut short defending freedom in Iraq or Afghanistan.

As the son, grandson, and brother of veterans, I have and will continue to fight for our nation’s soldiers and military veterans. As President Calvin Coolidge once said “A nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.” I am committed to making sure we never forget.