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Hensarling Statement on September Unemployment Report

WASHINGTON – Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), chairman of the House Republican Conference, released the following statement today in response to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report on unemployment for the month of September.

“After promising Americans that unemployment would never rise above eight percent 44 months ago, the administration’s record now stands at 1 for 44.  What remains even more disappointing, however, is the data below today’s jobs report headline.  
“Today’s report confirms what 23 million Americans who can’t find adequate work already know – our economy has stalled. The percentage of able Americans seeking employment has plunged to a 32-year low as fewer people search for jobs, and the amount of jobs added in September is still short 36,000 of what our economy needs to just keep pace with people entering the workforce for the first time. With economic growth in the second quarter of 2012 recently revised down to an anemic 1.3 percent, it is now clear that the president’s policies have failed and are making things worse. 
“Twelve days into his presidency, President Obama promised to fix our economy, saying ‘if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.’  This president told us if the Democrat-controlled Congress passed his failed stimulus plan, we would never see 8% unemployment.  The president told us if the Democrat controlled Congress passed his failed stimulus plan, our unemployment rate would be at 5.6% today.  After the Democrat-controlled Congress passed his failed stimulus plan and after almost four years of 8% unemployment, it’s clear that by his own estimations, his economic policies have failed the American people.
“Instead of giving job creators the encouragement they need to put their fellow Americans back to work, this administration has fought them at every corner – from threatening them with higher taxes that according to Ernst and Young will cost the U.S. over 700,00 jobs, to demonizing their success to crediting government with their achievement. How can the president help small businesspeople grow and create jobs when he diminishes their worth and devalues their own hard work? He can’t, and the results continue to speak for themselves.
“House Republicans know that small businessmen and women are not only fully responsible for their success, but that they are also responsible for the success of millions of American families across the country. Our Plan for America’s Job Creators protects small businesses from any new taxes and cuts the red tape that’s kept our economy tied down for too long. The president’s politics of diversion, division, and envy has run its course. It’s time for a different vision, and a much different direction.”