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Hensarling Votes to Delay Obamacare Mandates

WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling (TX-05), a strong opponent of President Obama’s government takeover of healthcare, released the following statement after the House voted to delay both the employer and individual mandate portions of Obamacare.

“Less than two weeks ago, as many Americans were preparing for Independence Day celebrations, the Obama Administration quietly announced they were going to delay the employer mandate portion of Obamacare. The reason? The fallout from the all the problems with the employer mandate would be too great.  Funny – when the American people asked for more time so their elected representatives could read the bill before Obamacare was jammed through Congress, President Obama and leading Democrats refused, insisting delays would be harmful.
“Though it comes three years late – and is not the permanent delay of the law via full repeal that we desperately need and that I will continue to fight for – I’m willing to support this one year delay if that will help save the American people from a law which the majority of Americans agree will have a detrimental impact on our health care, our economy, and our national debt. That is why, in addition to passing legislation to delay the employer mandate, I also voted to delay the individual mandate for one year. After all, if a delay of Obamcare’s mandate is needed for businesses – many of whom have lobbyists in Washington – shouldn’t hard-working American families receive the same relief? 
“Instead of welcoming House Republican’s support of the very delay he requested, President Obama issued a veto threat – putting partisan politics above common sense legislation and choosing political gain over the well being of American families and businesses.”