Congressman Jeb Hensarling

Representing the 5th District of Texas

Canton Herald: Hensarling covers local, nationwide topics at town hall meeting

Aug 13, 2015
In The News

U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling (TX-05) held a town hall meeting on Aug. 7 to update citizens of Van Zandt County on his continued efforts to hold Washington accountable to the American people and to hear from them about the issues that are most concerning to them.

Hensarling discussed topics ranging from Obamacare, the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood and the export and import fight.

The meeting was opened by County Judge Don Kirkpatrick, thanking the people for showing up and introducing Hensarling, “he’s a friend to Van Zandt County, East Texas and he serves us well in Washington.”


Hensarling started his speech by saying he tries to stay optimistic but, ‘the U.S. has a Supreme Court not worth any respect with the passing of Obamacare.” Hensarling admitted that, “the left has been working on Obamacare before Obama was even born.” He says they were patient and they were persistent and they never lost hope and grabbed ground whenever they could. Hensarling said that he won’t lose hope thought to get the people the healthcare that is right for them.

Legalization of gay marriages

On the topic of the legalization of gay marriage Hensarling said he has read the constitution many times and never has he found the word marriage and yet somehow the Supreme Court has found the word marriage. “Not only is it a tragedy to marriage it is a tragedy to what they are doing to our constitution,” Hensarling said.


Hensarling spoke about Obama’s Iran deal and his concerns. “There is probably no function of federal government greater than our national defense and security. There are a number of obvious concessions laid out in the deal the Obama Administration made with Iran that are nothing short of disturbing. Even if the Iranians follow the rules and adhere to all items in this deal, their nuclear program will only be slowed and not dismantled. Without the ability to conduct inspections anywhere at any time, it will be impossible for the outside world to ensure the Iranians are really complying at all. Furthermore, the very sanctions that brought the Iranians to the negotiating table should be removed if, and only if, the Iranians can affirmatively prove they are not cheating. In short, this agreement rewards the Iranians billions of relief without a guarantee compliance. Perhaps the starkest example of this is the fact that Iran is celebrating while Israel is calling this a ‘historic mistake for the world.’ Based on everything I have seen and heard, I believe this agreement should be rejected by Congress. I look forward to working with my colleagues when we return to DC to ensure safety and security of Americans and our allies are not compromised by this deal.”

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has had much controversy in the news lately. Hensarling offered his opinion to the gallery.

“In addition to calling for investigations into these horrific acts, I have co-sponsored legislation that would prohibit all federal funding from going to entities that perform elective abortions, as well as another bill that would specifically prohibit federal funding for Planned Parenthood. These videos are beyond disturbing and I believe they are forcing members on both sides to look at this organization in a new light.”


Hensarling told the people in attendance of a fight that he’s in the middle of now. “The export, important fight represents the economic justice for all,” Hensarling said. He explained that the export-import bank is government owned and that it takes American’s money and sends it to foreign countries and companies if they agree to buy certain U.S. products by fortune 50 companies. It is corporate welfare Hensarling told the people. “As more Americans and more members of Congress learned about export, import’s political lending, corruption and fundamental unfairness, the more they wanted it to expire – which it did on June 30. Now the challenge for supporters of a competitive free-market economy is to make sure export and import stays expired. Export and import is a part of yesterday’s economy. Our focus needs to be on tomorrow’s economy and on reforms that will give every American greater opportunities to succeed. Fundamental tax reform, tort reform and regulatory reform will do more to grow our economy and help small business entrepreneurs than corporate welfare ever could. That must be our agenda.”