Congressman Jeb Hensarling

Representing the 5th District of Texas

Mineola Monitor: Hensarling gives update on recent House actions at local town hall meeting

Aug 12, 2015
In The News

United States Congressman Jeb Hensarling hosted a town hall meeting at Mineola City Hall Friday to give an update on recent actions taken by the House of Representatives.

Before the meeting Hensarling walked around and greeting the 50-60 people in attendance, shaking hands along the way.

State Representative Bryan Hughes led the group in prayer before introducing Hensarling. “Most of us have met this man before and I know you aren’t here to see me. Hensarling has proven he can take strong stands against the majority and still be effective. We are thankful to have him here today.”

After a swig of Dr. Pepper Hensarling said, “Luckily the legislature isn’t in session; too bad the same can’t be said of the White House,” which drew laughter from the crowd.

Hensarling thanked those in attendance and said, “Whatever brought you here, I’m thankful for everyone that made the trip for this meeting.”

The Congressman said he tries to be optimistic but it’s tough. “As a conservative it’s hard to do that these days.”

Obamacare was a topic of discussion which prompted Hensarling to say, “I wish we could flip a switch and shut it off but we can’t.

Marriage has been a hot topic of late and the Congressman said of the new laws that allow the union of two people of the same sex, “How does the Supreme Court legislate marriage when the word isn’t even in the constitution? It’s time to circle the wagons with religious liberty.”

A discussion on border control started and Hensarling said, “It’s a matter of national will to close our borders to illegal immigrants. I’m not against immigration, just against those individuals here illegally.”

He further went on to say that he is all about people wanting to move here, learn the English language and roll up their sleeves and go to work in contrast to those looking for a handout.

Hensarling believes in a free market, he said, and touched on retirement. “My mother said to me, when you’re young you work for your money and when you grow old your money works for you. Well, my money isn’t working for me. What are you going to do about it?”

A father of two children, Hensarling made some brief comments on the controversial Planned Parenthood videos that were recently released. “Whether you are pro life or pro abortion those videos are immoral; I don’t know any other word to use.”

Hensarling recognized all those veterans in attendance and asked them to stand which drew a round of applause for those in attendance before taking some questions from the audience.

The first question in regards to impeaching President Obama which prompted the Congressman to say, “I disagree with most everything the president says and don’t agree with his actions. However, I guess [broken] clocks are right twice a day.”

He explained that in order to impeach Obama there would be need to more individuals in congress to step up and sign. Currently there isn’t a single Democrat that would vote him out according to Hensarling who said, “I personally don’t think it’s resourceful to try and convince people to impeach Obama. He only has 15 months left.”

Hensarling touched on the nuclear deal with Iran and said, “There are a number of concessions laid out in the deal the Obama administration made with Iran that are nothing short of disturbing. Even if the Iranians follow the rules and adhere to all items in this deal, their nuclear program will only be slowed and not dismantled.”

On the idea of limiting terms for senators and members of congress Hensarling said he would vote for it but added, “I don’t think limiting terms will fix everything but I don’t think anyone should spend a lifetime doing it.”

The topic of voter identification was presented by someone in the audience and Hensarling gave his take. “I haven’t read the actual decision. However I think it should be necessary to have ID to vote. One person, one vote means we need to get rid of voter fraud.”

One of the final questions the congressman answered was in regards to Jade Helm. “These military exercises have been going on since the 1980s, principally for urban warfare. Some believe it’s going on to create martial law. I fear and loathe a lot of things but this isn’t one of them. I trust our military.”

Hensarling concluded, “It’s been a privilege to be here and have this town hall meeting, which I think is very important.”